Páirc na mara is supported by many projects of The Údarás. The Údarás provides research, training and knowledge-sharing opportunities to enterprises through its participation in EU-funded transnational programmes, including projects funded under H2020 and INTERREG, as well as other European sponsored projects and events.  The current range of projects which the Agency manages includes:


SW-Grow is an EU funded project with sole focus on the seaweed industry in the Northern Periphery and Arctic region. It aims to identify common issues throughout the region and give access to high-level R&D links within academic partners across regional and national borders to pilot solutions that can be adopted throughout the industry – thus developing solutions that enable technology transfer across the Programme area – in particular benefiting SMEs. This will result in higher levels of innovation and competitiveness in remote and sparsely populated areas by transfer and development of models and solutions that facilitate technology transfer to, and across, the Programme area. 

Expected positive outcomes include: 

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The European Union (EU) Blue Economy represents all economic activities related to oceans, seas and coastal regions and covers areas such as fisheries, shipbuilding, tourism and ocean energy. The sector currently provides employment for almost 3.5 million people in Europe, and continues to grow. However, investments in innovation are needed to create new business opportunities and to sustainably manage our ocean and sea resources. Commercialisation of technological innovations is a key driver of long-term economic growth, but Early Stage Technologies (EST) developed through academic research often do not reach market. To drive sustainable growth of the EU Blue Economy, better links are needed between academia, business and government – sectors which often have different motivations. 

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Marine aquaculture (fish, shellfish, algaculture) is a leading sector of the Atlantic Area Blue Economy that counts on an important tradition in many EU countries and that is relevant in many of its coasts As only 10% of Atlantic shore seafood is aquaculture-sourced there is great opportunity for raising Atlantic Area aquaculture production in a sustainable way which is the main goal of Access2Sea. 

Aquaculture has the potential to boost economic development and job creation especially in the seafood sector by the sustainable exploitation of the Atlantic Area natural assets. Creating new sustainable farms is a key element for the blue economy in the region. 

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Marine Training

At the core of an tÚdarás’ values are training and upskilling of employees and members of the community. There has been an increased focus on the maritime upskilling, and many courses have taken place with more scheduled in the future. Below is an outline of the courses that have taken place recently: 

  • BIM – Higher Diploma in Aquabusiness 
  • QQI Level 5 Boatbuilding 
  • QQI Level 5 Aquaculture – major award: 
  • Navigation and Stability
  • Safety and Health at Work 
  • Aquaculture Hatchery Production 
  • Shellfish Ongrowing Operations 
  • Finfish Ongrowing Operations 
  • Seaweed Ongrowing
  • Marine Engine Operations

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